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Logging into Western Owned Laptops on Campus

Changes to underlying security components require supplying user credentials twice when logging into a Western owned laptop on campus.

Stream video migration for individual accounts

This tutorial describes where to find Stream videos that have been migrated from individual accounts.

Microsoft 365 Stream videos

This tutorial describes where to find Stream videos that have been migrated from Office 365 groups.

macOS Updates

macOS Automated Update Tool and notifications.

Stream Classic: Downloading or deleting videos

This tutorial describes how to download or delete videos in Stream Classic

Desktop Experience Changes in Windows 11

Changes to the user desktop experience in Windows 11 from Windows 10

Stream Classic Migration

On April 15, 2024, Microsoft is retiring Stream Classic. Prior to this date all videos must be migrated to Stream for Sharepoint or Panopto.

Taking Attendance in a Zoom Meeting

This article covers how faculty can take attendance in a Zoom meeting.

AI Detection at Western

Western’s licensed plagiarism detection software, SimCheck, is currently providing artificial intelligence (AI) writing detection until 1/1/2024 as a free preview

Access Quarantined Emails

Starting on 7/13/23 ATUS started sending reminders to accounts with emails contained in quarantine.

Reporting Phishing Email

How to report phishing, scam and junk email messages.

Pope Tech Web Accessibility in Canvas

Pope Tech is now available in all Western Canvas courses