Zoom Conferencing

Zoom for Western

All faculty, staff, and students have access to Zoom Pro licenses through Western.

Zoom for Western Access

If you already have a Zoom Pro account through Western, nothing has changed on your account except that you can now sign in using your WWU universal password. If you have a free Zoom account that was set up with your WWU email address, that account will be merged into your new Zoom Pro account when you sign to Western's Zoom environment. All of your existing recordings and scheduled meetings will be preserved.

Zoom for Students

Activating WWU Zoom Account

Once students FIRST login to Zoom for Western, their Zoom account will be activated. This should be done before the first class. Most students will enter Zoom meetings created by their instructors via Canvas. If a student has a personal/free account, they will be able to join a Zoom class meeting without being activated, but they will show up as a "Guest" -- even if they authenticate through WWU to access the meeting.

For Sessions Requiring WWU Authentication

If the instructor set the meeting up to require authentication, the student will need to log in with their username@wwu.edu email address and WWU password. Note that just following a Zoom meeting link provided by instructor won't necessarily activate their WWU account.

For Student Created Zoom Meetings

If students want to create their own Zoom meetings, they can login to the Zoom for Western portal to set up meetings with the Pro features, including meetings longer than 40 minutes to be able to record to the cloud (and then share links to those recordings).

Zoom for Faculty/Staff

Accessing WWU Zoom Account

For faculty and staff, all Zoom licenses have been activated and can be accessed via the Zoom for Western portal when using the username@wwu.edu email address and WWU password.

For people who had a WWU Pro license already, these accounts will be merged (no loss of meetings or recordings) and logging in via Zoom.us or via the WWU login will access the same account.

For people who used their WWU first.last email address for personal or departmental Zoom accounts, some configuration may be required to merge the accounts. Contact the Help Desk.

About Zoom

Zoom is an optional software tool that enables you to conduct online conferences, presentations, lectures, meetings, and group chats. With Zoom, you can schedule an online meeting for the future or start an instant meeting via any computer, laptop, or device. You can invite non-WWU participants to your Zoom sessions or limit access to people with @wwu email addresses. 

Streaming & Sharing Recordings

Where do I get support?

For additional support, contact the ATUS Help Desk: 

See also the Zoom Help Center and Microsoft Teams.