Classroom and Lab Technology

ATUS supports numerous classrooms and labs of various sizes and capabilities around campus. Classrooms are supplied with various equipment for learning including projectors, media players, and a computer station in the teaching podium. Labs are supplied with computer stations at each student desk as well as in the teaching podium. Labs can be scheduled when needed whereas classrooms are usually scheduled for the term. 

Remote Computer Lab Access

To enhance access to general university computer lab workstations and software while still maintaining health official and government requirements of social distancing, you may now access computer lab workstations remotely.

Three things to consider:

  1. You will need VPN to connect. View our VPN instructions. 
  2. Expect decreased performance, especially with graphics- and video-intensive applications.
  3. Due to the large amount of bandwidth this process takes, it impacts everyone else who needs to connect to on-campus resources for learning, teaching, or working so please use only as needed.

After you connect to the service, click the link below to launch the Remote Computer Lab Access service.
Remote Computer Lab Access (hosted by

View our detailed instructions: Remote Computer Lab Access - How to Connect 

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Classroom Services

For more information regarding classroom AV support or equipment loan opportunities, please see Classroom Services.