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Software & Productivity Tools IconSoftware Services helps with the acquisition and distribution of software that has academic, volume, or site-license programs or prices. We evaluate and explain licensing options and facilitate installation. We work closely with Purchasing to get the best value for software purchases.

Whether it's major suites like Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud or lesser-known titles such as SPSS or EndNote we can help you select, buy, and install the software. We can also tell you what software you have obtained from us and assist with re-installation, moving to a new workstation, or transferring to a co-worker. 

Most of the software licensed through our office is for installation on university-owned workstations. Some licenses can also be installed on computers owned by faculty, staff, or students. Software purchases are paid using a University budget code. We cannot accept cash payments.

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University Tools and Systems documents the administrative systems that we use here at Western. Banner, FAMIS, Nolijweb, myWestern, Bullseye, and Esign Forms are some major ones. 

Teaching, Training, and Learning help you with Canvas, Socrative, Relay, CampusPress, and other teaching tools.

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The Student Technology Center can also help you use popular software packages. Check out the Training Calendar to find upcoming classes.

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