How to Obtain SPSS Software for Installation on a Computer that You Own

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The IBM SPSS Academic Campus Value Program provides work-at-home rights allowing installation on workstations and/or laptops owned by Western faculty and students for teaching and non-commercial academic research (research by degree seeking students and faculty members where (i) the results of such research are not intended primarily for the benefit of a third party; (ii) such results are made available to anyone without restriction on use, copying or further distribution; and (iii) any copy of any such result is furnished for no more than the cost of hosting, reproduction, and shipping). 

IBM SPSS Installation-via-Canvas Instructions

  1. Self-enroll in the SPSS Access Canvas course.
  2. Follow the installation instructions detailed in the SPSS Installation Instructions link on the Canvas Home page. The Authorization Code is included in the instructions

Note: If you already have the current version installed from last year, click the "UPDATE SPSS License Key Instructions" link on the SPSS Canvas course Main Page.