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Video Services

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Haggard Hall 113, MS 9059
516 High Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

Video Services provides media production, equipment consultation, and video production training to the University community. We also help faculty connect to students across campus, do video conversions of curriculum materials, and video conferencing.

Our services range from single-camera recordings of classroom instruction to multi-camera projects complete with graphics. We help the entire campus connect with the larger community via distribution or publishing their video/film work through a variety of channels. Please visit our menu items at left to see the full range of our services. Or call us to consult on a project you have in mind.


A sample of work from Video Services: Campus Equity and Inclusion Video 2 


Our services are generally free to campus academic units. We do charge for materials and other hard costs that we incur. We also charge for self-supported or non-University related projects.


See descriptions for our services in the menu at left.