Video Services showcase

Following is a collection of sample videos that demonstrate typical productions Video Services supports.

Please contact ATUS Video Services for consultation and to schedule a production for your academic projects.

Learning Glass Demonstration

Andy Klein, Associate Professor, WWU Engineering and Design Dept.

A demonstration of an in-studio recording using our "Learning Glass" technology.  This technology allows instructors the opportunity write or draw directly on a pane of glass.  Direct link

Green screen with PowerPoint presentation

Georgianne Connell - Intro to Bio 101

An example of a TV Studio recording using our "green screen" wall and PowerPoint Slides.  Direct link

In-Studio Panel Webinar

Fostering an Organizational Culture that Actively Prioritizes Mental Health and Wellbeing - 5/16/22

An example of a panel webinar produced in our television studio.  Direct link

In-Studio Guest Speaker Discussion

A Conversation with Brad Edmondson - 2/4/22

An example of a faculty-led discussion with a guest speaker using our television studio.  Direct link

In-class Production with integrated PowerPoint

5-28-19 Speaking of Maps: Mapping Mars II - Melissa Rice

An example of a single-camera production in the field with integrated PowerPoint slides  Direct link

Multi-Camera Field Production (off-campus)

A Conversation about Oxford House

An example of a multi-camera production with multiple speakers recorded off-campus.   Direct link

Classroom Webinar with PowerPoint using a remotely controlled camera

Jarre Hamilton - The Power of Nature and Storytelling - 2-21-2022

An example of a webinar recorded with a remotely controlled camera on-campus in the AW building (AW210). Direct link

Edited Multi-Modal Field Production

WWU Celebrates World Kindness Day, Nov. 13, 2019

An example of an edited production using still images, videos, music, and captions. Direct link