Video Services Retention Procedures

The following is a set of standard operating procedures for archiving and retaining video productions developed and recorded by ATUS Video Services. 


Video Services has three principal priorities of production:   

  • Direct course-related curricular video development  
  • Curriculum-related events and activities  
  • Major university-related academic events 


  • In general, all video recordings will be retained according to state, federal, and University regulations and policies. 
  • Raw, unedited footage may be retained for up to three months followed final edited production. 
  • Final edited video productions may be retained for up to one year. 
  • Final edited productions will be made available to University Archives and Records Management (UARM), on behalf of Western Libraries Archives & Special Collections, for historical appraisal and possible selection as an archival record. 
  • University clients may request a copy of final productions up to the end of the retention date. For possible access to content after the retention date, clients may contact Western Libraries Archives & Special Collections in case one of the archival units has elected to retain the production as a university archival record. 

Naming conventions 

To help identify and effectively manage video files for future deletion or storage, we propose that all future files and folders adhere to consistent naming conventions. 

Following is the current naming convention for video files and folders: 


For example, “20230912_Cleanup-Day_Wilder.MP4” 

  • Be consistent
  • Avoid special characters 
  • Avoid long names 

Consider folder structure 

For example, while the main folder might 20230912_Cleanup-Day_Wilder, be you might put raw files in a sub-folder called “Raw,” production edits might be in a sub-folder called “Current,” and final edits might be placed in a sub-folder called “Final.” 

For more information, please see: 


Posted: October 30, 2023