Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing for Students

Student Licenses

We actually do not license software to individual students – all our licensing is provided using university budgets. In the spring, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Adobe temporarily gave all faculty, staff and students licenses that allowed them to work remotely. Those licenses expired on July 6, 2020.

Currently, these are the options available for student licenses:

  1. Students can remote into various campus labs and access the Adobe Creative Cloud apps (including Acrobat). Here are Remote Lab Access instructions.
  2. Students can purchase student licenses directly from Adobe (~$20/mo).
  3. Use other software options. AJ Barse has put together a video about other alternatives. Summarized here:


Because of COVID, the university did purchase a small number of Adobe Creative Cloud student licenses, but those are reserved and assigned quarterly for the following classes:


Course # Name
ART 120-1 2-Dimensional Art-1
ART 120-2 2-Dimensional Art-2
ART 387 2D Experimental Animation
DSGN 220 Visual Communication I
DSGN 240 Visual Communication II
DSGN 250 Visual Communication III
DSGN 260 Visual Communication IV
DSGN 310 Principles Interactive Design
DSGN 330-1 Typography I
DSGN 330-2 Typography I
DSGN 330-3 Typography I
DSGN 348 Visual Concepts Illustration
DSGN 351-1 Print and Finishing
DSGN 351-2 Print and Finishing
DSGN 351-3 Print and Finishing
DSGN 397c Intro to Animation Techniques
DSGN 460 Digital Media Design III
DSGN 485 Prof Prac Vis Com Design BFA