Where to Get Software for Home Use

For Software You Use at Work

Some software products licensed for business use include the right to install the software on a second workstation or a workstation owned by a WWU faculty or staff member. These licenses have specific and differing terms --- sometimes use is limited to the licensee or cannot be used for personal or commercial projects. There may also be a cost involved. But if you want to use software at home that you also use at work, check the Software Catalog for license terms or talk to Software Services about your needs. 

Other Software and Educational Pricing

If the software you are interested in is not something you use at work, or is not eligible for the work-at-home program you need, then external vendors may offer a solution. Some vendors offer academic discounts for "personal use" software purchased by university staff or students for installation on computers that they own. These purchases are personal transactions between the individual and the vendor. Note that by law, the university cannot coordinate or process the ordering, billing, or receipt of the goods; therefore you will need to get this kind of software on your own. You may be required to submit proof of your academic status such as your Western Card. Here are some places you can find software with academic discounts:

You can always email the company and ask if they have educational pricing.