How to Install Adobe Acrobat Pro through Named User Licensing

Faculty and staff can purchase an Adobe license by completing the Software Services request form.
Students should visit this page for information on Adobe products.

Named User licensing is a method of licensing for faculty and staff to use Adobe Acrobat DC that is tied to your WWU email address. It authorizes you to use Adobe Acrobat on up to two computers. You can request this authorization through Software Services by completing a WWU Faculty/Staff Software Request Form. Details and pricing information can be found on our Software Services Catalog page. This article will describe the initial setup process after you have been granted a named user license for your work computer. You will receive an email from Software Services with your license confirmation.


  1. Close all Office programs (e.g. Outlook, Excel, Work, etc.).
  2. Download the Acrobat Pro DC installer Directly from Adobe.
  3. Select the appropriate OS installer.

    Acrobat install step 1
  4. Once the installer file downloads, you may need to extract the folder to a location on your computer. Just right-click the zipped folder, select "Extract all", then click "Extract all" on the menu that appears. The folder will then open in Windows Explorer. Navigate to the folder labeled Adobe Acrobat (under Acrobat_DC_Web_WWWMUI > Adobe Acrobat) and double-click "Setup.exe" to begin the installer - you may ignore the steps below if this is the installation method you encounter, as this installs Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. If you receive an executable setup archive, follow the steps below.
  5. Accept the default extract location, click Next >

    Acrobat install step 2
  6. Installation files will be downloaded.
  7. You'll be notified when the download is complete. Click Finish.

    Acrobat install step 3
  8. The installer will launch.
    1. If there's an older version of Acrobat on your machine, you're notified and will be prompted to remove it. Click Continue.

      Acrobat install step 4
    2. Click Yes to confirm uninstall.

      Acrobat install step 5
  9. Installation begins.
  10. You'll be notified if you have programs that need to be closed. Close the listed program(s) and click Retry.

    Acrobat install step 6
  11. When the install is complete, click Finish

    **Note** If you already have the correct version installed, the installer window will close.

    Acrobat install step 7
  12. Double-click the desktop icon.
  13. Sign In is now required.

    Acrobat install step 7
  14. Adobe is now Single-Sign-On. When prompted, enter in the Email address field and press Enter, Tab or click Sign In.

    Acrobat install step 9a Adobe sign in step 9b

    NOTE: If you enter email address, select Enterprise ID on the Choose an account for screen.

    Acrobat install step 10
  15. Once logged in, your license will be verified. Click Continue to start using Acrobat.

    Acrobat install step 11