Students - Connect to Your New Email Account

Access Your New Mailbox

Western uses Microsoft 365 for email, cloud storage, and other office and productivity/collaboration apps. 

  1. Go to for the full Microsoft 365 portal, or to to go straight to your mailbox.
  2. On the Microsoft Office 365 Sign In page, enter your new email address:
  3. Enter your Western universal password and click the Sign In button

What about mobile devices?

What about Windows or Mac OS?

To find instructions for all applications and devices, including the Outlook desktop clients, simply sign-in to your new Office 365 account and the Office 365 home page will guide you. You can access Office 365 by clicking the Office 365 button at the top of

IMPORTANT! Your Office 365 account includes the ability to install Microsoft Office for your Windows or Mac OS computer. When your Western Office 365 account goes away (after you leave Western), the software will switch to read-only mode.

You can also bring your laptop or mobile device to the ATUS Help Desk for assistance.

Office 365 Help and Training Links