Reporting Phishing Email

How to Report Phishing and Other Email Scams

Accessing email through Outlook on the Web or Desktop allows one to report received messages as spam or phishing. To access the report function simply right click the message then select Report, then report Junk or report Phishing. The Message toolbar with an open message also has a button you may click. 

Outlook's Message ribbon with the Report Message button highlighted


There will be a confirmation screen asking you if you want to report the message. Reporting junk simply trains our spam filters to detect mail like this as junk mail. Reporting phishing will train the filter, but also notify our security team to perform an investigation of the message. 

A confirmation dialogue box asking to confirm the report of the message as phishing


While it is not necessary in most cases, if you would like to reach out and report the message to ATUS you may do so by using this ATUS Help Desk form.