DOs & DON’Ts for Online Learning

A list of Dos and Don'ts for Online Learning

DO Manage Your Time

  • Set Goals
  • Make a Study Plan
  • Dedicate Blocks of Time 

DON’T Procrastinate

DO Be Determined

  • Study Like It’s Your Job
  • Beat Deadlines
  • Make Study Enjoyable

DON’T Tune-out

DO Communicate

  • Check Email & Announcements
  • Tell Instructors/DAC about Special Needs
  • Connect with Others
  • Join a Study Team
  • Ask Questions

DON’T Ignore Messaging

DO Be Tech Smart

  • Check Your Gear
  • Optimize Your Connections
  • Use Online Resources
  • Browse Intelligently

DON’T Get Caught Short

DO Stay Focused

  • Find a Quiet Space & Use Headphones
  • Eliminate Distractions & Tidy Up
  • Close extra windows & notifications

DON’T Be Distracted

DO Go with the Flow

  • Be patient
  • Take Breaks
  • Stay Healthy
  • Reward Yourself

DON’T Get Overwhelmed


Inspired by: 21 Study Tips for Online Classes Success -

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