Access Quarantined Emails

Access Quarantined Email

Starting on 7/13/23 ATUS started sending reminders to accounts with emails contained in quarantine. These alerts contain the subject Microsoft 365 Security: you have messages in quarantine

These alerts were created in response from faculty and staff members commenting that they missed important mail as it had been quarantined and they did not know they had received it. Our policies for quarantining high-risk email have not changed and only the alerts are new. Email that has origins or content that are deemed to be high-risk are quarantined as opposed to being delivered to junk like most spam will be.

To review your quarantined email, you may access the Quarantine page in the Microsoft 365 Security Center. From this page you my review the subjects and senders of email that had been quarantined.

If you see an email from a sender you were expecting, select the email then release it. Released email will be placed into your inbox. 

If you were not expecting the quarantined email or it is from an unknown sender, you may delete it. 

If you have any further questions please contact the ATUS Help Desk.