After Leaving Western, When will My Account be Deleted?

Per Washington State law (RCW 42.52.160), computer accounts can only be made available to current students, faculty, staff, and emeritus faculty. So if you leave Western we will need to delete your account. 

Student Accounts Deleted after 1 Term

To provide students time to follow-up with email correspondence with prospective employers, forward any email they want to keep to another email account, and to save files from their U: drives, Universal Accounts are retained for a one quarter period after a student is unenrolled from classes. For example, if a student is registered for classes during Spring quarter but doesn't register for Summer or Fall quarter, his or her account will be removed during Fall quarter of that year.

Faculty and Staff Accounts Deleted Upon Termination

Faculty and staff Universal Accounts are purged upon termination of employment unless special arrangements have been made to extend the accounts. Speak to your department head or director.