What a Student Should Do Before Leaving Western

If you will be leaving Western at the end of the quarter, your Universal Account, including email, OneDrive for Office 365, U: drive, and wireless access, will be deleted after next quarter, so please consider the following tips to prevent losing valuable data or resources. If you will continue to be enrolled, no action is necessary.

Forward Email:

Forward or copy any email messages you want to keep to another email account
  • If you have a lot of messages, you can also export your email.
  • Notify others (e.g., friends, relatives, potential employers, email lists) of your change in email address 

Move Stored Files:

Remove files from your OneDrive for Office 365 account and your WWU network drive (e.g., U: drive) to an external drive or cloud storage. Your OneDrive for Office 365 account and your U: Drive will go away after you graduate, so the files stored in these locations need to be moved to an external hard drive or to another personal cloud storage service.  
View instructions for how to download OneDrive files before leaving Western.

If you had utilized Google Drive, you will want to move any files off of Google Drive as well. 

Request Print Balance Refund:

Request a refund of your paid Print Balance by emailing HelpDesk@wwu.edu from your WWU email account (@wwu.edu) no later than Friday of Finals Week. You can continue to print after the request is made. Refunds for balances of $2.00 or more as of the Tuesday after graduation will be applied to your student account and will first be used to pay outstanding charges. Any remaining credit will be refunded by the refunding preference you have selected.
  • If you have not selected a direct deposit refunding preference, please contact the Student Business Office at sbo@wwu.edu, OM 360, 360-650-2865
  • If you have selected your direct deposit refunding preference, please make sure your permanent mailing address is correct in Web 4U 

Access Transcripts:

  • Download unofficial transcripts from Web4U while your Universal Account is still active. Access official or unofficial transcripts after graduation at https://registrar.wwu.edu/transcripts
  • Re-check the answers to your password security questions so you can access Web4U after your Universal Account has been deleted