AI Detection at Western

AI detection was made available to Western through Turnitin's Simcheck product for a limited time in 2023. That function was discontinued by the vendor and is only available through an advanced product line. Consequently, this leaves Western without an enterprise tool to detect AI writing. ATUS and the CIIA have been evaluating the new product line by Turnitin and similar tools. In addition, we are continuing our work with faculty committees to understand the university's need for AI detection.

What Instructors Can Do

If you wish your voice to be heard on this subject, please feel free to write to us at We are sharing this input with the faculty committees involved in these discussions. Instructors can also reach out to their representative on the Academic Technology Committee.

In the absence of an enterprise tool for AI detection, instructors may find other tools to be helpful in your investigation of student work, as long as they are used appropriately to protect student personal information. We describe an overall approach to AI detection and some alternative tools in the following page:

What Students Can Do

When students are submitting assignments in writing intensive courses, they can follow best practices for keeping notes and drafts, tracking revisions, and generally documenting evidence of their work. See detailed guidance for students on the following page:

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