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Top Five List

Here are the top five things you may need to successfully participate in your courses: clear communications, internet and device access, knowledge of Canvas, familiarity with creating files for online submission, and a commitment to spend time in your online classes daily.


Contact your instructors via WWU email or the built-in messaging in Canvas.

  • If the instructor will not be offering a face-to-face class, find out if the instructor is offering a remote access option.

  • If you are not able to attend the face-to-face class, find out how you can participate.

  • If you do not have the required technology and access, be proactive in communicating this to your instructor and in finding solutions (see below).


If a face-to-face class is changed to be offered in an online format, consider the following to be prepared.

  • Ensure you have access to the Internet, either on campus, in the dorms, at home, or a publicly available hotspot. See: Stay Connected

  • Ensure you have access to a computer or a mobile device. This device will need to include:

    • Audio - At a minimum, ensure you have speakers and a microphone; however, we recommend a headset or earbuds (with mic).

    • Video - Ensure you have a webcam, either built into your computer or an USB webcam.

  • Laptops: A limited number of laptops are available to check out by filling out this form:  Borrow a Laptop or Webcam.




    • File Types: Most often, you will be asked to submit PDF or Office files. Office 365 and GoogleDocs allow you to save your file as PDF files.

    • Apps: As a WWU student, you have access to Office 365 and Google Workspace.

      • These tools are also available as apps for Android and iOS.

    • Tip: Always save your documents before turning them in online. Consider downloading your files to an offline location/your computer as a precaution.

  • URLs

    • File Size: There is a 500 MB file size limit per file submitted to Canvas. This comes up when attempting to upload videos directly to Canvas. Therefore, when submitting video files, consider sharing your video via link to a service such as YouTube, G Suite/Drive, or OneDrive.

    • Note: Your instructor will need to enable the “link” submission option in order for this to work.


    • Adobe Creative Cloud:  Adobe has provided temporary at-home access for impacted students so that they can continue their work remotely.  See Adobe Creative Cloud for personally owned computers for more details.

    • Spark: As a student you have access to the online Adobe Creative Suite, including Adobe Spark, for creating online videos, graphics, and web pages.

    • WordPress: As a student, you have access to our WordPress environment, CampusPress.

    • Note: As long as you meet the requirements of the assignment, you are welcome to use other tools to create your work. Just be sure the submission is accessible to your instructor, with no permission errors.


  • Daily Check-in: Expect to check your email and Canvas courses daily. Reading announcements and other notifications are crucial to having a successful online experience.

  • Time: Expect to spend as much time, if not more time, engaging with your class commitments.

  • Synchronous Options: Take advantage of any online office hours offered. 

  • Communicate: Take the time to promptly communicate via Canvas or email with your professors or classmates if you have questions.

  • Support: Before spending too much time on tasks, be sure to reach out for assistance.

    • Canvas courses need to be published in order for you to see them. If you cannot see your course on your Canvas dashboard or Courses menu, reach out to your instructor to make sure it has been published.

Western Libraries Resources

Western Libraries offers a range of resources and services to support your success at Western and beyond. Have a question that is not listed below? Contact us via text, chat, or email and we will help you find an answer to your question. 

Hacherl Research & Writing Studio 

Need support for anything with words? We can work together to simplify research, reading, or writing projects, including application writing!
Drop-in at wwu.edu/rws to ask a question or just to hang out with us using the following options:

Real-Time Consultations via Zoom
Chat (See “Chat with us”)
Send Your Drafts for feedback and guidance 
Text 360-797-5910
Get unstuck with strategy videos & other resources

Tutoring Center

Do you usually study in the Tutoring Center? Looking for support with your math or science GUR courses? The Tutoring Center primarily supports the math and science GUR as well as provides study skills (e.g. time management, note taking) support for students. The Tutoring Center will be offering online tutoring support through: 

Real-Time Consultations via Zoom
Chat (See “Chat with us”)
Text 360-797-5910

You can find out more about these services on the Tutoring Center’s website or facebook, or by emailing the Tutoring Center (Tutoring.Center@wwu.edu). 

Ask Us! FAQs:  Additionally, you can search for and ask questions related to all Libraries services. Find Answers to common COVID-19-related questions