Connecting to Western's Wireless Network

Wireless Coverage Area

WWUwireless-Guest for Visitors

Western offers public Wi-Fi for visitors who wish to connect their personal smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the Internet. Simply select this network and agree to the terms of service to get connected!

More information on our public Wi-Fi

WWUwireless for Infrequent Users

The original wireless network on campus - WWUwireless - is the easiest to connect to if you are an infrequent user. No pass phrase is required. However to actually use the Wireless you must login using your universal username and password. When you open a Web browser you will be redirected to the Wireless Authentication page. (If the browser does not redirect, you can manually redirect by typing in the following: )

WWUwireless-Secure for Frequent Users

This secure wireless network - WWUwireless-Secure - is the one students, faculty, and staff should connect to with devices they regularly use on campus. You only need to authenticate the first time you connect and after you change your universal password. When your device is in range of any of our wireless access points, it will automatically connect to the Internet. Note: some users may also need to reconnect to the network after annual security certificate updates are performed on the wireless controllers.

Check for available wireless networks on your device and select WWUwireless-Secure. When prompted, log in with your universal username and password. Do not forget to accept the certificate. Most devices will prompt you to accept the certificate immediately after you login. For Android 11, you must enter  in the "Domain" field in order to connect to the Secure network. 

ResTek offers excellent step by step instructions for different device types. Their instructions are meant for getting connected in the residence halls, but they will work for main campus as well.