Password Aging: Why We Change Our Passwords Regularly

What is Password Aging?

Password Aging occurs when a system requires users to change their passwords at regular intervals for greater network security. The passwords "age" and become "old" or unusable after a specified period of time.

Why are we employing Password Aging at Western?

Data security and privacy protection continue to be one of the most important jobs for Information Technology Services (ITS).  As part of this security each of us needs to take action to protect our individual accounts.  The most secure way to protect an account is

  • the regular use of ‘strong’ passwords (passwords that include letters, numbers, and special characters) and
  • the frequent changing of account passwords.   

ITS staff realize this causes some inconvenience but we believe it is absolutely in the best interest of the University community to strengthen data and account security in this way.

When do I have to change my Password?

Everyone’s password expiration date is calculated based upon 180 days from the last successful password change. You can change your password as often as you would like and at any point in time. You will receive reminders when you log into MyWestern two weeks before your password is due to expire.

How do I change my password?

The password change page is at