Administrative Services Password Requirements

What are the requirements for my Administrative Services Account Password?

Below are the requirements for an Administrative Services Account Password used with administrative applications such as Banner 9, UISAP and TISAP. You can change your Administrative Services Passwords here.

  • Must contain a minimum of 8 characters, but not more than 15
  • You must use at least one character from each of the following character types (and you must have at least one letter, one number, and one special character within the first 8 characters of the password)
    • Upper or lower case alphabetic text
    • Numbers
    • The special characters ~ ! % * _ -  ? , .
  • No English language dictionary words may be used.
  • The symbols [ ] { } and < > have been known to cause issues across some systems and should be avoided
  • No part of your name may be used.
  • No part of your USERID may be used.
  • Do not use your phone number or room number.

To change your Universal Password, see here.