FAQ for Students: Online Class Recordings

This document includes common questions with answers related to the recording of online class sessions.

  1. Are recordings going to be made public?

Class recordings are public records under Washington law and will be retained by the University accordingly. These recordings are being made for educational purposes to be used by students in the same course. It is not the intention to make videos public; however, certain linking technologies do not prevent further sharing depending on settings used. 

  1. What if I can’t attend synchronous class sessions? 

Communicate with your instructor. They may be able to offer recordings and/or an alternative option for participation.

  1. Am I still allowed to participate in the live online class anonymously?

Yes, taking all precautions to maintain anonymity, including muting your audio, renaming yourself in the participant list, and turning off your video. If you would like to attend online class sessions without having your personally identifiable participation* included in the recordings, review: How to Participate in Zoom Privately

  1. What if I have an accommodation and the instructor doesn’t record the session?

Any student with a documented disability who has questions about accommodations should contact the Disability Access Center:  https://disability.wwu.edu or 360-650-3083.

  1. If I agree, is the video that includes my personally identifiable information* being sold to 3rd parties or used for commercial purposes?


  1. May I share a class recording with someone outside of my class?

Students should keep in mind that class recordings may contain protected information about other students.  Sharing such information of another student may result in an academic dishonesty charge.


* Personally identifiable information, in this context, means information such as your name and profile image when connected to your class participation in the recording.


  • FERPA Questions: Shelli Soto, Registrar, Registrar’s Office, WWU
  • Technical Questions: Justina Brown, Instructional Designer, Center for Instructional Innovation & Assessment, ATUS, WWU
  • Accommodations Questions: Jon McGough, Director, Disability Access Center, WWU