Change your name and email address

If you need to update your legal name, or would like to use a preferred name, the following steps will help you ensure that all your software and services reflect the change. 

Request a name change

  1. Complete one of the following online name change forms to change your preferred first name or your legal name.
  2. (Employees only) When you receive the notification that the name change form has been "locked" (which means it has been completed), email to request the following:
    • Add a new email address that matches the name change, and set it as the preferred email address. (Your previous address will still work..)
    • Update your internal email address in Banner so it matches the name change

Update your personal software and devices

Once your name change has been completed, by Human Resources (and ATUS Accounts if you are an employee) you may need to update some of the following software applications on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. 

Microsoft Office

If you are signed into Microsoft Office, click on your name in the upper right corner and sign-out. When you sign-in again Office should update to your new name. Individual Office applications like Word and Excel also have your name and initials associated with them. Click FILE and then OPTIONS to view and edit this information in each of the applications.

Microsoft Outlook

Create a new Outlook profile so it picks up your name change. Contact the Help Desk for assistance.


Your name will also be updated in Canvas unless you have previously modified your name directly within Canvas. We recommend that you wait 24 hours following the effective date of your name change. If your name within Canvas has not been updated, you may edit it directly.

Mobile Devices

  • If you use Office 365 apps on your mobile device, and they do not update on their own, sign-out and then sign-in again.
  • Check with your mobile device manufacturer and cellular provider for information on how to update your accounts with them.