New to WWU? Access Your Account

Set Your New Universal Account Password

The process for accessing your account has changed at Western. In the past you had to "activate" and enable your account while setting a password. The new process means that you only need to set your initial password.

When you first come to Western you are issued a Universal Account that you will use to gain access to most services on campus including:

  • the myWestern portal which gives access to email, Canvas, registering for classes, access to grades, timesheets, and other university systems
  • log on to computers in the Computer Labs
  • log on to the university's wireless network
  • log on to Office 365, including OneDrive file access, Office apps, and Teams
  • and much more

Your Universal username will be in the general format LastnameFirstinitial where Lastname is up to six letters of your last name and Firstinitial is the first letter of your first name. If this does not create a unique username, a sequence number will be appended. The result will be strings like smithm39 for Mary Smith or leej24 for Jerry Lee. You will keep this username for your entire history with Western. 

You will be prompted to change your password twice a year to keep your content and access to university systems protected. 

Possible Issues

There are a few cases where you may need to take additional steps. If you

  • are a new employee who has submitted all paperwork to HR but your account has not yet been created
  • are a current employee but need additional account access
  • are a student employee needing additional account access

then please fill out the Computer Account Request.