Onbase is Hyland’s document management system that was purchased by Western to replace NolijWeb. The Hyland Onbase Unity client program can be downloaded through the Software Center.

Screenshot shows search for OnBase in the Software Center. OnBase icon is a circle alternating between green and blue.


OnBase also can be accessed on the web through myWestern by scrolling to the "Administrative Tools" section.

Screenshot of the Administrative Tools section of MyWestern. OnBase is at the bottom of that section.


Most users have a better experience with the web client version of OnBase. It is easier to preview Microsoft documents, such as Word and Excel Documents, in the web client. The web client also scored a higher rating with our accessibility office.

Screenshot of the OnBase login screen with a green arrow pointing to "saml2" on the right of the screen.

Note- When accessing the Web version of OnBase, use the “Saml2” button for single sign-on.


For help with OnBase, please contact OnBaseHelp@wwu.edu.