Enable Auto-Reply in Outlook

Automatic Replies

You can enable Auto-Reply for your mailbox using either the Outlook client, or the Outlook Web App (OWA). Not everyone has the Outlook client, so these instructions will use the Web-based method.

  1. Login to myWestern and click on the Office 365 icon at the top. You can also go straight to Outlook.office365.com and login as username@wwu.edu .

  2. Click on the Settings icon that is shaped like a gear in the upper right corner and select Automatic Replies

  3. Using the example below to guide you, select Send automatic replies and check the box to Send automatic reply messages to senders outside my organization.

  4. When you have finished entering the text for both message fields, click the OK button.

  5. Have someone send a test message (from an internal account and one from an external address) to confirm that the automatic replies are working.

Select Send Automatic Replies from the Outlook Settings Menu