Planning an Event? How to Arrange for the Technology Needed

Consult about your Audio-Visual Needs

We want to work with you to ensure that your campus event is successful. To discuss audio visual needs for classroom special events, please email Gary Malick, or by phone at 360-650-4934 well in advance of the event. 

Need Orientation for Audio-Visual Systems?

Electronic control systems or sound systems often require training and testing well ahead of time. Special equipment requests can be staged for you if we have advance notice. Some classrooms require keys to access parts of the audio-visual system. Please email ATUS Classroom Services, or call 360-650-3300 to arrange for a technical orientation session well in advance of your event. 

Need a Technician for Your Event?

To request a student technician for your event, please contact us at least two weeks before the event. Advance scheduling of support for events after hours or on weekends is especially critical, as full-time support staff members are typically not available outside of the 8-5 Monday through Friday time periods.