AudioCodes Phone Sign-in Procedure for Microsoft Teams

AudioCodes Phone Sign-in procedure for Microsoft Teams 

1. Press the Sign in Key, typically in the furthest right of the four horizontal buttons:

The Sign in Button is located to the far right of the horizontal button rows

2. Select 3.Web Sign-in (Cloud) with the navigation keys or Press 3 on the dial pad

Select option 3 or press the 3 button to begin the sign in

It will then begin the Sign-in process with the screen below:

The screen will display a 'Signing in' message as it sets the phone into pairing mode

4.  Enter Web URL address presented into an internet browser and then enter the Pairing code displayed on the phone when prompted. It will prompt you to sign in using your Universal and your Universal password. The sign-in process should begin on the physical phone, not in the browser.  

Navigate to the URL listed and use the pairing code on the phone to sign in with your Universal Microsoft 365 account

The URL for the browser is as follows: 

The prompt you'll receive asking for the Pairing code looks like so:

The phone Code Sign in screen looks like this

5. When you've signed in, the phone may request you to enter a Lock Code. Enter a 6 digit number of your choosing.  It will prompt for you to enter it again to confirm this code. Your AudioCodes phone is now signed in and enabled for Microsoft Teams.


Disabling the Lock Code feature for your AudioCodes Phone

If you want to disable the Lock Code requirement, you can do the following:

1. Press the Menu button.  

2. Select 4: Settings 

3. Select 11: Device Security.  The system will prompt you to enter the Lock Code you previously set. Once it is entered, use the arrow button to the right and select Disable