Connect to Your New Office 365 Account & Mailbox

All students, faculty and staff have access to an email account that is part of Microsoft Office 365. If you are new to WWU, you may need to activate your computer account if you have not already done so. If you have any questions or problems, contact the ATUS Help Desk at 360-650-3333,, or stop by our office in Haggard Hall 123 during regular business hours. 

Learn more about Office 365, or continue reading to learn how to access your email using any Web browser.

Access Your New Mailbox:

  1. Go to
  2. On the Microsoft Office 365 Sign In page, enter your new email address:
  3. Enter your Western universal password and click the Sign In button

Help using Outlook on the Web

View Microsoft's online help to learn how to do the following:

  • Create and send a new message
  • Reply, reply to all, or forward an email message
  • Print an email message
  • Search your mailbox for a specific email message

​What about mobile devices?

If you rely on your mobile device to receive your Western email, it is important to verify that your smartphone or tablet is connected to your new mailbox. This will allow you to receive timely notifications for things like wait-listing on your mobile device.

Access via mobile clients to your old mailbox has been disabled. You may receive an error from these apps telling you that the app is unable to connect to the server or it may simply fail to update. You will be able to connect the same apps to your new mailbox, but you will need to change your sign-in name from to Click the following links to find out how to connect to your new mailbox:

What about Windows or Mac OS?

All faculty, staff and students can download and install Microsoft Office 2016, including Microsoft Oulook, from Office 365. 

IMPORTANT! Students can also download Microsoft Office for free from On the Hub. If you will be graduating soon, we recommend you install from On the Hub, because the Office 365 installation will only work for as long as you are a student at Western. When your Western Office 365 account goes away, the software will switch to read-only mode.

You can also bring your laptop or mobile device to the ATUS Help Desk for assistance.

Office 365 Help and Training Links