How to Archive in Outlook

What is an Archive Folder?

Outlook archive files are a type of personal folder created using the Outlook Archive feature. Like all personal folders they end with a .pst file extension.

Archiving Outlook Items 

Outlook's Archive feature moves groups of files based on the “modified date” from your Outlook Mailbox to an archive file on your local hard drive or network drive. This feature is designed for files which you do not use regularly but that you do not want to delete and may need in the future. It is an excellent way to clean up your Outlook mailbox at the end of a quarter or the end of a year. Some benefits of archiving include:

  • Contents of archive files do not count against your Outlook quota
  • You can add to the archive file
  • Your existing folder structure is maintained in your new archive file
  • Archive items can be available to you in Outlook if you add them to your Folder List
  • You can archive manually anytime you wish
  • You can set AutoArchive to archive automatically at timed intervals

How to do a Manual Archive 

To manually archive Outlook items:

  1. Choose File, Archive.
  2. Select Archive this folder and all subfolders.
  3. Select the folder or folders that you wish to archive.
  4. Use the Archive items older than box to select the Outlook items to archive.
  5. Set the file name and location, for example, My Documents\archive.pst
  6. Click OK to begin the archive process. You can add to the archive with subsequent archive commands.