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Instructions for Using Bullseye Targeted Messaging

BullsEye is a tool that allows faculty and staff to send targeted emails to various groups within Western's community. Recipients can be selected by uploading Western ID numbers or by selecting appropriate academic disciplines. 

Instructions for Using Bullseye

  1. Get Permissions 
    Request permission to send via BullsEye by sending an email request to
  2. Log In
  3. Send Targeted Messages (E-mail)
    At this point you can to choose to:
    • select a group of people
    • upload a list of Western ID numbers (W#s). If you are familiar with BI-Query or job submission, you can use one of those to generate a list of W#s. If you do not see the option to upload a list of W Numbers, contact the Help Desk.
  4. Creating a Message
    If you are not sure what to input for a message field, use the online help accessed by clicking on the Bullseye Help help icons.
  5. Helpful Tips
    • From and Reply To fields:
      You need to provide a valid address in the From and Reply To fields. 
    • From field: 
      The email address you enter in the From: field will be the email address that all recipients will see in the email message.
    • Reply To field:
      The email address you enter in the Reply To: field will be the mailbox it which all replies will be sent.
    • Formatting:
      We recommend using a word processor with spell check to compose your message and subject and then paste the text into the fields in BullsEye. For best results, paste the text as plain text and then use the Bullseye editor to format the message.

      Smart quotes are not interpreted correctly by the system and will appear as question marks in the body of your message. If you have quotation marks in your text, you will either want to turn off "smart quotes" in your word processor program or paste your text into Notepad before pasting it into BullsEye.

      Bullseye does not support HTML tags.
    • Links:
      If you have an associated link in the body of your message, use the full address (e.g.,
    • Only select 'Log in GURMAIL' if you already know what this means.
    • Carefully review your message on the Confirm screen before you click Send.
  6. What to expect after you've submitted your message
    • Email messages are sent out at approximately :01 and :31 after the hour, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
    • Expect your From: address to receive a number of returned messages from invalid or over quota mailboxes.
    • Some of the email sent may be tagged as SPAM – keep track of the messages that are getting tagged this way and we can help work out a means to reduce this occurrence.