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Create a Guest Account for Off-campus Visitors

Guest accounts provide wired and wireless access for official visitors to campus for one day. The checkout period is up until midnight of the day the account is created. 

If you have need for a longer period guest account, or need a large number of accounts for an event, please contact the ATUS Help Desk. 

NOTE: An individual login account must be created for each guest. Sharing the username or password with anyone other than the assigned guest is prohibited. Guests must comply with our Acceptable Use Policy

Create an individual guest account that will expire at midnight

Current faculty and staff can Create a Guest Account for off-campus visitors that require network access for a legitimate university purpose. As the sponsor you will be prompted for your Universal username and password in order to verify your sponsorship information. As soon as you press submit the account is created and you can send the supplied log in information to your guest.

Create an individual computer account that includes email and Office 365 access

If your department is hosting someone who will be working with you as an upaid volunteer, your department can request regular computer accounts for them that include an email address and an Office 365 subscription.

  1. If the individual already has a W Number because of a prior relationship with Western: Complete the Departmental Sponsorship of Computer Accounts eSign Form.
  2. If the individual does not have a W Number: Register the individual with Human Resources as a volunteer
  3. After Human Resources assigns a W Number: Complete the Departmental Sponsorship of Computer Accounts eSign Form.