Defining the Roles in Canvas

Canvas Roles

When adding a new user to your Canvas course, you have multiple roles to choose from. This guide will help you identify what the roles mean.


  • Student - View published content, participate in assignments, discussions, quizzes
  • Lead Mentors - Same permissions as students, used by Compass2Campas
  • Teacher - Create content, assignments, rubrics & announcements; Publish course; Grade assignments
  • TA - Create content, assignment & announcements; Grade assignments
  • Faculty Reviewer - Same permissions as TA but cannot add assignments
  • Grader - Can view grades of students but not grade submissions; Cannot add content, assignments or announcements; Cannot participate in course
  • Limited TA - Same permissions as Grader; Add events to Calendar; Can participate in discussions 
  • Designer - Same permissions as Teacher; Cannot view grades or manage enrollments
  • Observer - Can view content but not participate in discussions or receive grades