Why won't my UISAP or TISAP JOBRPT drive map?


Your drive letter to the Banner Job Submit Output directory has a red 'X' over it and will not open. First, highlight the drive, right click and choose disconnect. Once the drive is disconnected, map it using the fully qualified domain name listed under the Actions direction below.

Before you follow the steps to remove and add the drive again, make sure this isn't a simple password issue. If you recently changed your WWU universal password, you also need to update your UISAP password. Try these steps first:

  1. Go to the EAS page for Banner Password Changing and Locked Accounts
  2. Click the option to change your uisap/Banner WWIS password
  3. Enter your login name as your regular universal username. Just the username without the @wwu.edu suffix.
  4. Enter your previous WWU universal password in the Old Password field
  5. Enter your new/current WWU universal password in the New and Confirm New password fields.
  6. Click the SUBMIT button If the result says, "Success" then proceed to the next step. 
  7. Sign out of your computer and sign back in. If the drive still does not map, try the steps below to remove the connection and add it again.

If you are unable to change your UISAP password, contact the ATUS Help Desk at 360-650-4444.


You will need to map the drive as follows: \\uisap.admsec.wwu.edu\jobrpt\username\ 

  1. Open Windows File Explorer
  2. Right-Click THIS PC and select the disconnected drive.  Right click that drive and click Disconnect.
  3. To Map network drive, right click on This PC and select Map Network Drive.
  4. Select Drive letter: (you can actually select any available drive letter, other than U, P, C, or X)
  5. In the Folder field enter \\uisap.admsec.wwu.edu\jobrpt\username
  6. Check the box to Reconnect at sign-in
  7. Click the FINISH button

If you also map to the Job Submit Output folder on TISAP, you will need to map that drive to \\tisap.admsec.wwu.edu\jobrpt\


EIS turned off a legacy service (WINS) that allowed the drives to be mapped using the short version of the server name. WINS is an obsolete service that caused some conflicts with newer server name resolution services. As always, if you have issues, please contact x4444 for assistance.