Winter Teaching & Learning Support

Snowy Western Washington University overview

Welcome to a new year and to new possibilities for engaging in teaching and learning! Consider exploring the following learning resources, and reach out if you would like to chat with us (see How to Get Help).

To best meet your needs, most of our presentations are released directly as videos, to watch when you have time. Our first one, presented by AJ Barse is available now: AI Generative Images for Teaching and Learning (login required). If you have not seen our updated collection of AI documents, be sure to check out our flowchart, tips for evaluating student work, and more.


Learning Opportunities

Watch for announcements for these offerings by joining the ATUS-CIIA Self-Enroll Canvas course, plus access links, resources, and recordings.

  • 1/11: AI Generative Images for Teaching and Learning (login required) - AJ Barse, WWU Instructional Designer, explores the possibilities of creating images and graphics with AI from Adobe and Microsoft. 36 minutes.
  • 1/25: How to cross-list multiple courses in your Canvas dashboard: Chris Powell, WWU Canvas Admin, is always available to help combine, merge, and cross-list your multiple CRN courses into one big course (see also: Request Form). If you wish to take care of this yourself, this video will guide you through the process step by step.
  • 2/8: New Canvas Gradebook features: Chris Powell, WWU Canvas Admin, provides an overview of a new feature available in Canvas courses – a gradebook featuring a points-based scale instead of the traditional percentage-based scale.
  • 2/22: View your course through the Canvas Student Mobile app: Chris Powell, WWU Canvas Admin, shows the similarities and differences your students will encounter with your course content in this detailed and entertaining video.
  • 3/7: Get to know the Four Types of Quizzes: Chris Powell, WWU Canvas Admin, shares the differences with graded/ungraded quizzes and surveys, and will provide possible usage cases for each to help with your Canvas assessment needs.
  • LIVE Q&A Thurs. 3/15, 4-5PM: The Fractious Journey of Academic Integrity and Artificial Intelligence: Join our team to discuss best practices and challenges with the role of AI in higher education as well as the latest developments at WWU.


DIY Learning Options

Key Resources for Students

  • Syllabi@WWU - WWU policies and campus resources written for students (Tip: link to this from your syllabi!)
  • Study Spaces - places for students to study between classes, or for participating in a virtual class in between in-person classes
  • WWU Canvas Orientation for Students (self-enroll Canvas course) - to help students be successful users of Canvas
  • Stay Connected - ATUS & community resources options for computer access and accessing the Internet
  • STC Online Workshops (self-enroll Canvas course) - extensive collection of self-paced learning modules


Tuesday, January 16, 2024 - 2:30pm