Spring Teaching & Learning Support

WWU's Old Main building in Spring

Welcome to spring! We want to share with you some ways we can continue to support your teaching and learning. All opportunities are free and are presented online.

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Learning Opportunities

Access links and recordings are all on one page: ATUS-CIIA Self-Enroll Canvas course

  • Tech Happy Hour (Some) Fridays (Fridays: 4/28, 5/12, 5/26, 10-10:45 AM) - Drop in with our team of instructional designers and technologists and ask us anything! Each session will begin with strategies for teaching, learning, and supported technologies.
  • Panopto Advanced Training Webinar: Educational Power User Panel Discussion (4/26, 8-9AM) - Offered free from Panopto. Registration required.
  • Presentation: GPT in Practice (Wed., 5/2, 2-3 PM) - Join AJ Barse to explore the latest advancements in the utilization of AI (artificial intelligence) as a teaching aid, including benefits for learning and policies to establish expectations. Additionally, AJ will provide valuable insights on key considerations when using AI detection tools and will showcase SimCheck's new AI detection feature.
  • TLCo-op Faculty Mentor Panel Presentation (Tues. 5/16, 11 AM-12 Noon) - Join for this discussion of ADEI practices in teaching. Enroll in the TLCo-op Canvas site for details and past recordings.
  • Presentation: Humanizing Western's Campus Culture (Tues. 5/23, 10-11AM) - Join Chris Powell, WWU Canvas Admin, to explore and discuss ways we can improve the quality of relationships across campus. By stepping outside our roles to engage each other as humans, we can work more effectively to meet everyone's needs. Chris will share the “little things” that have made a big difference in his attempts to be a better relational technologist for Western.

New!  Free accessibility courses

The following courses listed are a good introduction to important digital technology topics

Note: to access these courses, you will need to register for Siteimprove or have an existing account. See the "Siteimprove Setup" section on this page for more info, and the "Resources" section for login links.

For more information, please see Western's "SiteImprove" page.


In Case You Missed It


Hot Off the Press


DIY Learning Options for Faculty & Staff

  • Monday Morning Mentor Weekly Videos (self-enroll MMM Canvas course) - Only a few left! Most sessions have transcripts available after the video expires (each video available for 1 week). 
    • 4-17-23 (this week): The Discussion Board and Beyond: How Can I Engage Students Online?
    • 4-24-23: How Can I Apply a Resilient Mindset to My Teaching Practice?
    • 5-01-23: How Can I Extend My Research to the Public with a Podcast?
    • 5-08-23: How Do I Go Beyond the Basics of Universal Design for Learning?
  • Getting Started with Panopto (self-enroll Canvas course)
  • WWU Canvas Orientation for Faculty (self-enroll Canvas course) - to help faculty (or anyone who uses the teacher role) be successful users of Canvas
  • STC Online Workshops (self-enroll Canvas course)


Key Resources for Students




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