Plagiarism Detection at Western

SimCheck logoWestern offers SimCheck by TurnItIn as a plagiarism detection tool integrated in Canvas, our learning management system. This tool provides faculty and students with an optional tool for formative feedback and originality-checking and basic AI or generative writing detection services. 

For details, see How to Create a SimCheck-enabled Assignment in Canvas and FAQS: Generative AI in Teaching, Learning, & Technology.

What is SimCheck? 

SimCheck is a plagiarism detection service that identifies potentially plagiarized or improperly cited text. When activated for an assignment, it automatically checks submitted work against an ever-increasing index of online sources, including a dedicated Western repository. This means that SimCheck will scan for any improperly cited text from the web, journal materials, as well as other submitted works at WWU from any Canvas course.

How are submissions used? 

All submitted papers are indexed in an encrypted form, then stored securely in a repository that is specific to Western. The University maintains full ownership and control of repository materials. This repository is populated with several years' worth of submissions, including those submitted using our previous plagiarism detection tools.

How is SimCheck integrated with Canvas? 

SimCheck's integration with Canvas works within the Assignments tool. For details, see How to Create a SimCheck-enabled Assignment in Canvas.

Adding SimCheck assignments to Canvas

What is the Student Plagiarism Pledge?

When students submit an assignment in Canvas, they must check a box attesting that they agree to the WWU "plagiarism pledge":

"This submission is my own, unique writing and work. I understand that if I use ideas or words that are not my own, without giving appropriate credit/citations, I could be reported for violating the Academic Honesty Policy."





Additional Resources 

The tools, licenses, and services for providing plagiarism tools come under review periodically to ensure they continue meeting the needs of the Western community. ATUS recognizes there are strengths and limitations in any tool and recommends the following resources: 

Please email if you have any questions or concerns.