Keep Teaching, Learning, & Working

Keep Teaching and Learning from home with ATUS

Western recognizes that there may be times when the University must close due to circumstances beyond our control, such as the current coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak in our state.  If the University is not open or certain populations are unable to come to campus, the guidelines below may prove useful to help you continue your work.

We recommend being prepared so that you will have the technologies, permissions, and access you need.

Keep Teaching: Checklist for Temporary Remote Teaching

For those who teach, please review our checklist to be better prepared for temporarily teaching a class at a distance.

Keep Learning: Checklist for Participating in Classes Online

For those who are students, please review our checklist for participating in classes at a distance, in case this becomes an option for you or your class.

Keep Working: Checklist for Temporary Work from Off-Campus

For employees for whom it becomes an option, please review our checklist for temporarily continuing to work at a distance.

Keep Connected

For everyone who would like help finding internet access or access to computer technologies.


See also:  Teaching & Learning Cooperative (TLCo-op) - a multi-department collection of strategies, tools, and practices for innovative teaching and learning

For the latest information at WWU about coronavirus/COVID-19, see:

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