Classrooms & Labs

Classroom and Computer Lab Services

Classroom and Computer Labs provide the following services at Western:

  • design and maintain computer labs and classrooms
  • purchase, install and maintain equipment and software in classrooms and computer labs
  • provide faculty and students with orientation in classroom technologies (see Classroom Orientation)
  • provide portable media equipment for classes and other academic-related events (see Equipment Loan)

Project Consultation

Media Maintenance and Engineering, a part of the Classrooms and Labs group, are the design experts behind the curtain. You can consult with them on your projects by contacting the Help Desk or Classroom Services. They are responsible for:

  • designing, installing, maintaining classroom media systems
  • evaluating new products
  • work with architects, engineers, users, and consultants to ensure new and remodeled classrooms have the elements necessary for effective teaching
  • providing media support for both General University Classrooms and departmental space


View of a lecture room from the back