Wireless Network Connection Issues

12:30pm - Since the Wireless Network Certificate was upgraded over the summer, be sure that you have forgotten the WWUWireless-Secure network on your personal device and then re-connect. If that still does not resolve the issue, try these additional troubleshooting steps.


Thursday, September 22nd, 8:30am - ITS made changes to the wireless network settings yesterday afternoon that may resolve connection issues. We will not know for certain until we reach peak wireless traffic between 10am and 2pm. If the problems reoccur during that window, ITS will attempt additional repairs.


12:15pm - Users again unable to connect. Reports have specified issues in Haggard Hall, Miller Hall, and Ross Engineering Technology buildings. The root cause is still being investigated. Keep an eye on this alert for updates.


Beginning around 10am on Wednesday, September 21st, users were unable to connect to any of WWU's Wireless networks. EIS restarted a server at 10:30am and connections were restored. If you are still experiencing difficulty connecting, please try forgetting and re-adding the network. For any other ongoing wireless issues, please contact the Help Desk.