Wireless Network Certificate Update

WWU has updated its security certificate for all WWU wireless networks. You may be prompted to accept the new certificate the next time you connect to the WWU wireless network. If you are unable to connect to the WWUwireless-Secure or WWUwireless-Guest network, you may need to "forget" the network on your wireless device (e.g., phone, iPad, laptop) and then reconnect. This is in the Settings app for most Android and iOS devices. macOS users can click the Wi-Fi icon in the top right of their display. See here for additional information: Troubleshooting Connection Issues with WWUwireless-Secure - Jira Service Management (atlassian.net)

NoteWWU periodically updates the certificate for our Wi-Fi networks, and it’s quite likely that certificates have been updated since the last time your wireless device was connected to Western’s wireless network. Some devices will automatically upgrade to the new certificate, while others will be unable to connect to the wireless network and Internet until you accept the new certificate by forgetting and then adding it back and reauthenticating. This solution is also often necessary after you change your password.