SimCheck AI Writing Detection

Western’s plagiarism detection software, SimCheck, made AI Detection available to WWU for a limited timeframe. Continuing with the SimCheck AI tool past December 31, 2023, will require Western to upgrade to a more expensive product.

ATUS is currently seeking faculty input and guidance on the value of an institutionally-supported AI detection system. Please contact with your questions and feedback.

For additional guidance, see:


The Simcheck AI writing detection feature expires 12/31/23.

ATUS has tested Turnitin’s AI writing detection and found it very capable but not foolproof. Instructors are advised to be aware of AI writing detection limitations and adjust assignments and assessments accordingly.  

By enabling Simcheck on assignments, the AI detection feature will be displayed on assignment submissions. 

SimCheck Plagiarism Review interface

After an assignment has been submitted, faculty can review flags and will see two percentages, ‘Similarity’ as it relates to other submissions and publications, and the new ‘AI’ writing detection percentage.  

SimCheck Similarity Score

Clicking on the percentage flag at the top of assignment in Canvas will bring up the report on AI and Similarity in SimCheck.  

SimCheck similarity detection results

This feature can spot-check submissions for AI-generated writing. However, if the submission is heavily modified by a student, it is possible for the AI detection to provide an inaccurate measurement.  


Teaching Considerations

For a collection of resources for Western faculty curated by the WWU TLCoop, please see “AI and Chatbots Teaching Considerations.” 


Additional resources  

For a basic instructor’s guide and explanation of usage, please see Turnitin’s “AI Writing Detection.”   

For an extensive FAQ regarding how AI writing detection works, please see “Turnitin’s AI Writing Detection Capabilities.”