Spring 2019 Events & Professional Development

Professional development offerings for fall, winter, and spring quarters will be available on this page as each term arrives. For past events, see the Events Archive.

For software training for Office and Adobe products, go to the HR Learning Library and search for "Student Technology Center."

We welcome one-on-one trainings and consultations via our Learning Systems staff.

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Except where noted, sessions do not require an RSVP. All are free and open to the Western community.

Presentation and webinar materials will be available on the following Canvas sites:



Each Monday a new teaching strategy video is made available for 7 days. Co-sponsored by the CIIA and Extended Education.
Watch on your own: Go to MONDAY MORNING MENTOR in Canvas and click "Join this Course" to view the latest offering.
Watch with us: Join us for video, coffee/tea & discussion. 

Mondays – 4/15-5/14, Noon-12:50, Haggard Hall 154 (Faculty Drop-in Center)

  • 4/15: What 5 Play-Based Activities Can I Use to Create an Active, Learning-Centered Class?
  • 4/22: Copyright Crash Course: How Can I Stay on the Right Side of the Law?
  • 4/29: Why Should I Migrate from Traditional Resources to OER in My Classroom?
  • 5/6: How Can Preparing to Teach Online Improve My Face-to-face Teaching?
  • 5/13: How Can I Plan (or Revise) My Courses More Efficiently?

Week 3

WEBINAR: How to Make Online Discussion Assignments Manageable & Meaningful for Students & Faculty

Thurs., Apr. 18, 10-11:15 AM, Haggard Hall 154 (Faculty Drop-in Center)

Wanting to make your online discussions more meaningful and engaging for both you and your students? Join us for this webinar presented by Eric Salahub, award-winning instructor and instructional coach for online, blended, and face-to-face courses. Learn how discussions are a cornerstone to online teaching and how they can add meaningful learning opportunities to classes in any delivery mode. Join the CIIA/ATUS ProDev Canvas course to see details and to access the recording after the event.

Gratefully co-sponsored with Extended Education.

Week 5 

DISCUSSION: Open and Inclusive Practices

Tues., Apr. 30, 3-4 PM, Haggard Hall 154 (Faculty Drop-in Center)    

Join the “idea team” of instructional designers, technologists, and innovators from ATUS, CIIA, Extended Education, and Western Libraries for an open discussion about supporting inclusive and open instructional practices. Inspired by a recent blog post in Educause Review, we will explore ideas and strategies, such as: How can we create equity through learning experiences? How can we communicate, engage, and assess knowledge in ways that value a variety of learners? How do open pedagogies and inclusive practices intersect? What are specific examples of inclusive practices and how does technology help or hinder the practice?

Week 6

PRESENTATION: Liberating Yourself from the Classroom with Screencast-O-Matic

Fri., May. 10, 2-3 PM, Haggard Hall 154 (Faculty Drop-in Center)

Back by popular demand! Explore how you can use Screencast-O-Matic’s powerful set of tools to open up the possibilities for delivering content. ATUS instructional designer, Kevin Dixey, will show you the intuitive user interface for recording your screen with audio and easy ways to share these videos online. Screencast-O-Matic might just become one of your favorite classroom (and office) tools!

Week 9

PRESENTATION: The ABCs of Making Your Canvas Course Accessible

Wed., May 29, 10-11 AM, Haggard Hall 154 (Faculty Drop-in Center)

Accessibility is essential for educators and institutions wanting fulfill their commitment to providing high quality content for all people. Join ATUS instructional designer Kevin Dixey to learn some easy-to-implement techniques for making your Canvas class open to all learners.

Week 10

LEARNING EVENT: Innovative Teaching Showcase​

Fri., June 7, 1-3 PM, Wilson Library 270

Members of the Western community are invited to learn about this year’s Showcase via interactive displays, videos, and conversation, and to honor this year’s featured instructors. The Learning Event celebrates the completion of this year’s “Open Educational Practices”-themed web issue, to be published in June by the Center for Instructional Innovation. The new issue will be available via the Innovative Teaching Showcase site.

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Remember, the Teaching, Learning, & Technology office (HH154) is a great space to work on course materials with support for instructional technologies and design, arrange for a small group training, or get individualized instruction on technologies provided by Western, including Canvas, lecture-capture, web-conferencing, and response systems. Faculty may use the space by:

  • Making Appointments: or
  • Using Drop-in Hours: Mondays 3-4:30 and Thursdays 10-11:30
  • Taking Chances: Just stop by!