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The Web Address to be Retired

Status: Resolved

The "" web address will be retired effective December 31, 2021. If you type "" in your web browser or have that address bookmarked to find your mail, use instead. Your WWU email address remains unaltered by this change.

For more information, please see this article.

Resolved: Network Outage In Old Main

Status: Resolved

The outage of both the wired and wireless networks affecting Old Main has been resolved.

ITS Notification: Network Maintenance 8/19 7:00PM - 8:00PM

Status: Resolved

Thursday night -  8/19: Network maintenance will result in brief (~5-10 minute) outages of wired and wireless network service at some point between 7PM - 8PM PST in the following buildings:


Wired and wireless network service will be unreliable in these areas in 5 to 10 minute intervals during this time frame in these buildings. If you have any questions about this, please email the ATUS Help Desk at 

RESOLVED: Web4U, Banner, Esign and some other Services Inaccessible

Status: Resolved

As of 8:30am, some services utilizing proxies through CAS are not available, including some Esign forms, Banner 9, Web4U and others. Enterprise Infrastructure Services has been made aware of the issue and are currently investigating a solution. This post will be updated with any developments or changes as that solution is rolled out. 


As of 9:30am, this issue has been resolved by changes implemented by EIS. 

Esign, Bullseye, and more now available

Status: Resolved

7/29/21, 11:35 AM, RESOLVED: This issue has been resolved.

7/29/21, 10:00 AM: The server that provides Esign, Bullseye, Factbook, and more is going to be offline for a brief period of time this morning.

Administrative Systems Maintenance from July 30, 7pm to July 31, 5pm

Status: Resolved


To perform database system updates, the following systems will be unavailable or will have limited functionality from 7:00 PM on Friday, July 30th, until 5:00 PM on Saturday, July 31st:

  • Banner 9 AdminPages

  • Banner Workflow (WWIS)

  • Banner Travel & Expense (WWIS)

  • Esign Administrative Web Forms

  • eInvoice and eProcurement

  • Web4U (All Banner Self-Service features in WWIS)

  • NolijWeb and DataTransfer

  • DegreeWorks

Data warehouse refreshes and job submission chains will not run overnight on Friday, July 30th into Saturday morning. Data warehouse refresh and job submission chains will resume on the next regularly scheduled run.

Please close out of the systems listed above, log off, or shut down your workstation before 7:00 PM on Friday, July 30th. You can log back into your computer, but you will not be able to use the affected systems until after 5:00 PM on Saturday the 31st.

Services that will still be available will include the following:

  • Email and Office 365 apps (e.g., OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams)

  • Canvas

  • myWestern

  • University and departmental web pages

  • PageUp, EASE/Novus

  • Student Health Services

  • Library OneSearch

  • Housing and Dining services

  • Viking Union Events Management

  • AiM /ReADY

  • Millennium-FAST

  • ESM Contract Management Module (CMM)

Services that are not related to the systems in the Issue section will also be available, including the ability to connect to network drives using VPN.

This upgrade is essential to university operations and will repair a number of current issues and provide the base for increased functionality. For additional information about these upgrades, please contact the Help Desk 360.650.3333.

Wireless issues

Status: Resolved

7/28/21, 10:25 AM, RESOLVED: We believe this issue is now resolved, but we are going to monitor the system for the rest of the morning. If you are unable to connect to WiFi, toggle your WiFi off and on again. If that does not help, please contact the Help Desk.

7/28/21, 8:00 AM: Some are not able to connect to the campus wireless network this morning. We are investigating the cause. 

Network Issues

Status: Resolved

2:04 - Networking issue resolved.

*** *** ***

11:15: We are experiencing network issues. Accessing off-campus websites and network resources is intermittent from campus computers. The problem is being addressed.

ISSUE: Some Teams users unable to dial out


Some Teams Voice users are encountering an error that causes outgoing calls to not complete:

“The call couldn’t be completed as dialed because of an invalid caller ID”

This issue has been reported to the vendor, Lumen, and their current status reports that: “We have a network wide event that has affected your services. We apologize for the inconvenience.” Telecom and EIS are working with Lumen to restore service. 

RESOLVED: Esign and Other Apps Offline from 9:45am to 10:15am

Status: Resolved

10:13am: The server updates have been applied and the applications out of service have been restored. 


9:30am: In order to apply urgent, critical security updates to a web server, the following web applications will be offline from 9:45-10:15am:
Esign Forms
HR Jobs Web

This alert will be updated when the updates are applied.