Video Services Support 

As an office within Academic Technology & User Services (ATUS), Video Services provides curriculum development assistance, media production support, video conferencing support, equipment consultation, video conversion, and video production training in direct support of classroom instruction.  

For the Washington Administrative Code related to "Media Services." please see WAC 516-39-010.

ATUS defines “classroom instruction” as any curricular activity that provides course credit for matriculated students.  ATUS further defines “direct support” as any service that facilitates the success of classroom instruction through labor or technical support. 

Video Services has three principal areas of responsibility:  

  • Direct course-related curricular video development 

  • Curriculum-related events and activities 

  • Major university-related academic events

Examples of supported activities and events include: 

  • Development of curricular video for online or hybrid coursework such as lectures, guest speakers, demonstrations, simulations, and panel discussions. This includes in-studio productions and webinars. 

  • Production of video materials that are related to the subject of a course (such as lecture series events) and benefit matriculated students but may not be tied to a specific course. 

  • Assistance with video streaming of major University events

Video Services may provide consultation to departmental, administrative, and co-curricular technicians and staff regarding university-related video production if time permits. Support for non-classroom instruction, administrative, and co-curricular video production beyond consultation may incur an hourly fee unless a prior contractual arrangement has been made. 

Following are some examples of services Video Services would charge to support: 

  • Convocation  

  • Commencement 

  • Athletic and performing arts events 

  • Co-curricular (club) events 

  • Non-curricular training and safety videos 

  • Board of Trustees meetings 

  • Job interviews 

  • Campus partner events (such as video production for local community colleges) 

  • Grant-funded projects  

  • Events that charge an admission fee 

  • Self-supported projects and activities 

Additionally, Video Services would normally charge labor and/or direct costs incurred in the video streaming of major University events. 

Furthermore, following are some examples of activities that Video Services does not support: 

  • Commercial / for profit production 

  • Events that compete with the private sector 

  • Off campus work not related to the University 


Posted: February 22, 2023
Updated: July 17, 2023