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Qualtrics Research Suite


Qualtrics Research Suite - available to all WWU faculty, staff and students for Mac, Windows, Linux OS.

Qualtrics is a web-based survey software tool managed by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. It is used to conduct online surveys. Qualtrics may be used to:

  • Assist faculty, staff, and students with collecting data for research project or assignments
  • Assess user satisfaction with academic or administrative programs or services
  • Collect requests for service or assistance in place of a traditional HTML form

For orientation and account creation, visit OSR's Qualtrics New-User page.

Academic Support Portal

  • 24/7 Qualtrics Support (Chat, Email, & Phone)
  • Qualtrics User Community
  • Qualtrics Support Pages

Our enterprise license provides the following apps that are available to all users.

  1. Stats iQ - Qualtrics’ statistical analysis program. In this easy-to-use, user-friendly system, any user, whether they have statistical background or not,  have the ability to run statistical analysis and run regression analysis. 
  2. Driver iQ - Intelligent analysis that helps users understand key drivers buried deep within their data, and prioritize the drivers that make the most difference. Users can run analysis to understand variables that effect key drivers they are trying to measure.
  3. Text iQ - To put it simply, it’s text analytics. Text iQ helps you deep diver into your open ended responses by categorizing, and analyzing text feedback.
  4. File-Upload - Survey respondents can attach files back to the survey creator (e.g., MIT uses this feature for the application process. i.e. File Upload Survey Example)
  5. API Access - Allows various databases to push and pull data (e.g. U-Baltimore uses this to dynamically update a panel of data for respondents.) .
  6. Off-line App - Used for researchers who do data collection primarily in 3rd world countries (e.g. Clark University professor running surveys in Nicaragua.)
  7. SMS Distribution - Sending surveys through text messaging.  (Requires the implementation fee in addition to purchasing buckets of text messages.)  
  8. Text highlighting question type
  9. Signature question type - Similar to Docusign, this feature allows the respondent to provide an electronic signature for authorization purposes.
  10. Table of Contents - Allows respondents to take a survey in sections (e.g. SFSU uses this for IRB protocols.)  (Ex. Click through the first 3 questions to see it kick in - ToC Ex.)
  11. Screen-out Reporting
  12. Tableau Integration

Visit the Office of Institutional Effectiveness Qualtrics page for additional details.

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