New classroom equipment for Fall 2021

New classroom equipment for Fall 2021

To record your classroom presentations or to conduct a videoconference from the classroom, all general-use classrooms (GUCs) have been equipped with a camera and microphone.  

  • Traditional GUCs (fewer than 50 seats) received a standard web camera equipped with a built-in microphone or external lapel microphone. 
  • For more sophisticated classroom videoconferencing needs, some larger GUCs (more than 50 seats) may receive an Owl camera which features a multidirectional 360-degree view and automatic zoom that responds to who is talking. 
  • Most large general-use classrooms (more than 100 seats) were equipped with a wall-mounted pan/tilt/zoom camera while several large GUCs were equipped with a powerful microphone array.  

Specific equipment for each classroom is listed at Classroom Details | ATUS. 

For more details and support for classroom equipment, please contact Classroom Services at 360-650-3300 or

For videos and support materials, explore the Technologies for In-Classroom/Mixed Modalities section of the TLCo-op's Flexible Modality Toolkit.

Monday, September 20, 2021 - 11:30am
New classroom equipment for Fall 2021