Lightboard teaching tool now available

A large board that is see through

Have you ever tried to make a recording of yourself demonstrating a complex process or mathematical formula for a class or professional presentation?  Still images or PowerPoint slides with an audio narration don't always communicate a process well.  Alternatively, writing on a traditional whiteboard, you might be required to stand with your back to the camera, making your lesson difficult to see and hear. 

With a transparent whiteboard, however, you could stand behind the "glass" and record yourself presenting while facing the camera at the same time.  A lightboard is a specialized pane of glass that instructors write upon to record instructional video.  Similar to a whiteboard, instructors teach complex processes (such as formulae) using dry erase markers. Video cameras are positioned in front of the glass so that the instructor faces the camera.

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Andy Klein and the Department of Engineering and Design, ATUS Video Services now offers access to a professional-quality lightboard made by Learning Glass.

Lightboard Demonstration

"As part of a university-wide thrust to incorporate more student-centered learning in the classroom," said Dr. Klein, "I've been 'flipping' more and more of my classes.  Generally, this involves replacing traditional lectures with many short videos for students to watch at home, thus freeing up in-class time to do more 'active' work in the classroom.  Up until now, I have mostly been creating my videos by starting with slides that I narrate and annotate to create video. While this has been working well for the most part, it leads to relatively impersonal videos since students can't see who I am, my flailing arms, the obnoxious faces I make, or other antics, and at times it feels like something is missing.  The lightboard format leads to videos that I hope are more personal, and that convey important additional information through gesture and eye contact.  I have only just begun recording video, so we'll see how it goes!"

If you're interested in learning more about the new lightboard, to schedule a tour, or to schedule a recording session, please contact:

ATUS Video Services
Haggard Hall 113, MS 9059

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 1:45pm