Lumens Ladybug DC193

Equipment Types

Model Number


View of document camera from the top of camera looking down. Camera has attached lamp. Both Lamp and Camera neck's are flexible and can bend in different directions.
Closeup of the document camera shows that the camera has multiple options to choose from when using the camera.

Usage Instructions

To turn on please hold the power button for 3 seconds, use the Auto Tune button to set up the image.

Unique Features Instructions

Lumens Ladybug Document Camera control panel has many options to choose from including Power, Zoom in and Zoom Out, Capture (allows operator to take pictures and save them USB disk), Auto Focus (Located on either side of lens), Arrows to move up or down, Auto Tune, Lamp, Enter/Freeze (Freezes Live images)(Enter when in OSD mode), Menu, Playback, and Source.

The remote has the same functions with a few extras including buttons to adjust the brightness, Capture/Delete, Enter, Freeze, Mask (Spotlight), Pan, Pip (Image comparison - live photo vs. stored images), Record, and Rotate.